Caught in the Headlights – Clarissa, Damo & Mikey Casting Announcement

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Caught in the Headlights – Clarissa, Damo & Mikey Casting Announcement

After several weeks of auditions, we’re finally able to unveil the final members of the main cast of Caught in the Headlights. Over the course of the last month we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic and talented actors and with these castings it’s always going to be the case that a difficult decision has to be reached. The actors who’ve been cast in Caught in the Headlights are a talented and hard working group and we can’t wait to work with them on the film!

In the role of Clarissa, we’d like to welcome Lucy Varney to the cast. A young actor with huge ability and talent, Lucy has starred in a wide array of short films and theatre performances. Most recently she joined the cast of the Tom Wadlow directed feature film Wasteland from Derby based Light Filmsafter starring in a lead role in their previous short film Shelf Stackers. The brains of the gang, Lucy’s character Clarissa may be street wise and quite savvy but she too goes along with thieving and abuse. She’s also the common sense of the gang, the realism & the sanity. Clarissa is kind of contradiction in that sense but a key member of the gang who sees the problems of her friends but is too young and immature to do anything until it might be too late.

Joining Lucy as the final member of the gang is Martin Harvey who’ll play Damo. A filmmaker, artist, musician and actor, Martin is versatile performer with past experience in several short films including Stupid Cupid and his self-directed short film Ninja Society. His character Damo brings a kind of comic relief to the gang but he’s also the innocence and the naivety. He looks up to gang leader Chris and follows his actions & way of life but he doesn’t really care for it. His childish actions prove his immaturity but this also the reason behind what he does; he’s a misguided teen who finds a role model in the worse person possible. As an actor Martin has shown that he can tackle both serious drama and comedy with the combination of these two making him the ideal actor to play Damo.

Finally we’re happy to announce that Adam Poyzer will take on the role of Mikey. The brother of the film’s director of photography Karl, Adam previously appeared in the 2010 short film Falling and will play a key role in shaping the events Keith runs into during Caught in the Headlights. Mikey’s actions finally kick Keith’s life into gear and force him to make change and we’re excited to welcome Adam to the cast!

With Neal Higham (Keith), Joseph Maudsley (Chris), Lucy, Martin & Adam now in place as part of the Caught in the Headlights cast, we now have just 3 supporting roles left to announce for the film with 1 confirmed and the remaining 2 in negotiations with YSP Media. Stay tuned for these announcements in the coming week as we race towards the shoot in early March! Be sure to follow the film on Facebook at


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